From: willraceforfood@live.ca
To: willraceforfood@live.ca
Subject: bridge
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 12:15:21 -0500

*_Warning to all Cyclists_
Bridges on the Don Valley Mountain Bike Trail have been _*sabotaged*_.
Please inspect all bridges before proceeding.!!

Bridge was cut partially through in Four places and appeared undamaged
from above. The fall from this Bridge is _Nine to 16 Ft_, depending on
which side you fell from!!! The Bridge was left in this condition
to_*deliberately injure riders*_.


-from the very fine consistency of the sawdust it appears a battery
operated Sawsall was used.
-Entry and Exit were on foot. ( see below )

Two sets of tire tracks crossed the bridge and an set of shoe prints
were found on the slope at the west end of the Bridge. I tracked these
appox. Two Km, and found the Two cyclists, they accompaned me back to
the Bridge and helped me safely bring the bridge down. The Bridge
sections are still in the ravine and will be repaired by volunteers in
the coming days.

Photo's of Bridge. (click each for larger version)